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We believe work should be an engaging, challenging, and thriving environment for you and your employees. We make it our mission to make work a better place to be. 


A Better Work will help you unlock the human potential within your organisation. The greatest asset your business has is its people.


Understanding how to leverage their talents, ideas, and knowledge will unveil the true potential of your company. Not just to create an inclusive, thriving culture, but have a deep and positive impact on profitability and productivity.

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our approach

Sometimes it’s not easy to articulate what you need, but you know you need something.


That’s where we begin... 

We work with you and your team, shoulder-to-shoulder, to identify your needs and create a robust plan of action.


Using science-based, data-driven approaches, alongside proven strengths-based methodology, we bring to the surface the culture, inclusion, diversity, engagement, strategy, and leadership plans needed for your organisation



This is not your typical consultancy work. This is impactful, transformative, and action-focused.


The research we undertake helps surface essential truths in the organisation, both brilliant strengths and areas for improvement. This requires deep, and sometimes uncomfortable, conversations. It’s in that discomfort where we find opportunities for growth.  


Our clients come away excited for the future of their business. Why? Because we help you and the whole organisation see the potential of your business and create a plan to achieve it. We are not focused on superficial markers of a “happy” culture, we are helping you build a high performing inclusive organisation. You emerge from this work knowing who you are and what you stand for.  

As we’ve been told, A Better Work moves

“...the conversation from ‘we can’t’ to ‘we can, and here’s what we are going to do’.”

who we work with


Whether you know exactly the support and action you need or whether we start a path of discovery together, our support will usually fall into one or more of the following categories.









“Margaret and Michelle helped distill the brain power of the organisation into actionable recommendations that will shape our perspective for years to come.Everyone had a say, everyone got to input, the process itself was highly engaging and the legacy is a strategy that our people believe in.”

Gerard Campbell, Group CEO Linesight

Unlock people power with strengths


From our earliest days in education we are attuned to focus on weaknesses. It stems from our survival instinct in primitive years. Focusing on threats helped us survive. In the modern world and even more-so in a work environment this focus on threats and weaknesses no longer serves us, in this video Margaret Kennedy and Michelle Wallace discuss  why and how strengths can be a competitive advantage. 

a better work movement

Work isn't working for so many of us but and we want to change this. Our weekly tworks (tweaks to make work better) are designed to help your progress towards work with inspirational, practical and easily applicable weekly tips.

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