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Before we could help our clients determine their purpose, we needed to know what motivated us. We ask our clients to take brave, hard steps forward for their organisations every day. How could we ask them to do that if we weren’t willing to do that ourselves.

Here is what we believe about A Better Work.


Doing the same thing all the time yields the same results. When we push outside of our comfort zones, those moments become the greatest opportunities for growth. We know this can be challenging and we want to work with brave business leaders who are willing to take leaps, have difficult conversations and make a difference. 


Work is not everything. Work can, however, help us to feel fulfilled, challenged, motivated, successful, and to be a part of something great. We do what we do to help our clients find those moments both personally and professionally. It’s a balance we practice every day.


Just because something has never been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be. We cut through complexity to find the simplest, most meaningful path forward. We know our clients are sometimes in a position where they cannot see the forest through the trees. Our job is to help find that path.


We believe in being your authentic self and bringing that to the office. While part of that includes nurturing our clients through their journeys, it also means challenging conversations and clear communication. We believe truth is better than fiction and we will always get to the truth as efficiently as we can.

meet the team

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Michelle Wallace


With a practical commercial mindset and a superpower in creative problem-solving, Michelle can work through complex issues while bringing individuals and teams along with her. 

Michelle is driven to make a difference in the world of work. She is laser-focused on creating long-term sustainable business growth through thoughtful positive culture.


Michelle holds post-graduate executive diplomas in Business Finance and Strategic Marketing from University of Cork and Irish Management Institute. 

Michelle has over 15 years experience in global customer-focused leadership roles. Insight gathered from these roles has informed her belief that only when the external brand and the internal culture are aligned can an organisation begin to fully achieve its long term potential.

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Margaret Kennedy

Margaret helps to unleash the human potential inside organisations. She works with global leaders to turn their workplace culture into a tangible business tool that drives growth.

She has a reputation for providing critical insights and engaging customised solutions.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and her knowledge of organisational culture, she provides unique practical support to her clients as they navigate today’s business landscape.

Margaret holds a MA in Applied Social Research Methods and a PhD from the University of Limerick.

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Jess Glynn

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Karla Villegas

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Adam Craughan

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Taunya Grogan

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Miroslava Jurcova

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Stephen Cogan

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