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creating a-ha moments

The a-ha moment. The flicker of deeper understanding and clarity that crosses the client’s face. That moment when we know they are seeing their people and organisation in a whole new light. It’s the exact point where we know we are facilitating a culture change that would have otherwise taken years or maybe even be left to chance.

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It’s what motivates us at A Better Work...

Today’s business leaders are trying to understand how to manage and lead in a changing world.


You are balancing multiple generations of workers who each have a different view and expectation of the workforce. The shift to a work from home environment is adding a new layer of complexity. Not to mention the urgent need for improving inclusion and diversity in a moment of time where the world is demanding change.




Company culture has a direct impact on profitability and productivity. Recent Gallup research shows that “productivity among highly engaged teams is 14% higher than that of teams with the lowest engagement -- and that employees who are not engaged cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary.” So while this process may be challenging, it is rewarding and worthwhile.



A Better Work is here to help.

Our work is centred around discovery, understanding and action. We work at all levels of the organisation to gather insights and develop a deep understanding of the company’s culture, its leadership and people. Success is co-creating a way forward so that everyone is positioned to thrive.  





Whether you know exactly the support and action you need or whether we start a path of discovery together, our support will usually fall into one or more of the following categories.








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Unlock people power with strengths


From our earliest days in education we are attuned to focus on weaknesses. It stems from our survival instinct in primitive years. Focusing on threats helped us survive. In the modern world and even more-so in a work environment this focus on threats and weaknesses no longer serves us, in this video Margaret Kennedy and Michelle Wallace discuss  why and how strengths can be a competitive advantage. 

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