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Strengths discovery programme:

"The key to unlocking your greatest potential"

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Our strengths are sometimes hiding in open sight. So many times we have seen clients come to us and discover that something they thought was a weakness is actually something where they have the most potential for greatness. 

Have you ever been told you talk too much? Maybe you are incredible at working a room and meeting new people. 

Maybe you feel you are too much of a perfectionist? Maybe you get the very best out of yourself and those around you. 

This course takes each participant on a journey of strengths discovery that will yield benefits in all parts of your life - professional and personal. 

"Identifying and examining your strengths means you can truly examine your areas of brilliance and see them in a new light. You can also get an understanding of how sometimes those strengths have blindspots and how best to manage them."

This course is for you if:

  • You feel that you have more potential that you are not quite harnessing yet

  • You want to build your confidence with a better understanding of your strengths

  • You are looking to maximise your potential at work

  • You are looking to build better partnerships around you

What to expect


Journey of strengths discovery over 5 weeks. Engaging, reflective and fast-paced 


As a result of this course, you will know how to harness your strengths to use everyday, understand how to better manage your weaknesses and be able to use your strengths as tools to achieve your goals and overcome challenges

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According to Gallup those who focus on strengths every day are 3 times more likely to report an ‘excellent quality of life’ and 6 times more engaged in their work.

Course Format


3 hours per week - live zoom interactive group session with Michelle and Margaret.

30 minutes per week - ask us anything over zoom - Friday mornings at 11am GMT (optional) 

Gallup strengths assessment & fully personalised report

Starting Tuesday, March 8th

2pm to 5pm GMT

(for 5 weeks up to April 5th)

about your hosts

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Michelle Wallace


Michelle is driven to make a difference in the world of work. She is laser-focused on creating long-term sustainable business growth through thoughtful positive culture. Michelle is certified Gallups Strengths Coach and Practitioner.

“I want to help you create those a-ha moments where you see your people and organisation in a whole new light. 

Working on your strengths is like finding an original flagstone floor under the old carpet. It’s something that has always been there, is part of your makeup and with a little care and nurturing can become your most show-stopping feature.” 

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Margaret Kennedy

Margaret became an entrepreneur at twenty, enjoyed an academic career in culture and leadership development, and now serves as an expert consultant to global brands. Margaret is a certified Gallups Strengths Coach and Practitioner.

“I’m passionate about lifting heads up, shining light on dark spaces and helping to surface the potential within; bringing people together to explore our strengths is an exciting, powerful process that benefits everyone – employees, employers and the business as a whole.”

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