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live webinar

Hybrid Hurdles:
Navigating the Pitfalls of
Hybrid Work

Join me for an insightful session where we'll dive deep into strategies and insights to help you master hybrid work.

Discover the secrets to
effective leadership, team performance, and innovation in this evolving work environment.

Whether you're navigating remote, hybrid, or in-office work challenges, this webinar will equip you with the
knowledge and tools needed to gain a competitive edge.

Michelle Wallace


A Better Work


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Who is this webinar for

Business leaders

People managers

Business owners

Anyone looking to impact and maximise a hybrid or remote working environment

Hybrid is the future

Hybrid is happening, and remote is happening. We know that it’s the future, but it’s not what we are used to.

How we work has remained largely unchanged since the Industrial Revolution. Few of us have extensive experience in building, managing or leading in hybrid and remote environments. There are pitfalls

  • The dilution of culture 

  • Difficulty in building a network

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Establishing and building trust


In this webinar, we will be looking at the pitfalls and practical actionable steps we can take to mitigate them.


We’ll look at how hybrid and remote can become an advantage, and how you can unlock the potential of your teams and organisations with practical tools and processes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of hybrid work and position yourself and your organisation for success.

Watch the webinar replay and take the first step toward mastering the future of work.


This webinar has finished. Opt in to get the replay directly to your inbox.

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about me

About me
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Michelle Wallace

Michelle is driven to make a difference in the world of work. She is laser-focused on creating long-term sustainable business growth through thoughtful positive culture.  ​


She has over 15 years experience in global customer-focused leadership roles. Insight gathered from these roles has informed her belief that only when the external brand and the internal culture are aligned can an organisation begin to fully achieve its long term potential.

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