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employee engagement

Actionable Insights, real results.

Elevate your organisation's success with our Employee Engagement Studies 

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our Employee Engagement Studies.

Our comprehensive approach addresses issues like: low performance, disengagement, misalignment, and workplace tension.

Employee Engagement Studies Benefits:

Improve employee connection with work

Enhance employee well-being

Motivate employees to achieve their best

Harness organisational brainpower to solve challenges

Obtain impartial and unbiased insights

Reduce conflict and tension in the workplace

Increase transparency and understanding

Provide deeper insights into organisational dynamics


Why Choose Us?

  • Our employee engagement studies empower organisational leaders to gain deep insights into employee experiences, addressing performance issues and specific concerns with an unbiased, independent perspective

  • Unlike internal surveys, our approach uncovers unbiased insights. As independent researchers, employees can be more transparent and honest in feedback, safe in the knowledge their individual answers will never be shared back with the company. Still, they will be used to add colour and specificity to the accumulated results, resulting in more meaningful insights.

  • We are action-focused and results-orientated. As such, the work never ends at the results stage. We work with you to create actionable plans based on key feedback that helps make employees feel heard and understood.

We see that over time as employees see the meaning and results of the input, response rates increase and the level of engament increses.

How it Works?

Discovery Session

In-depth consultation with key stakeholders to identify themes and areas for exploration

Employee Engagement Survey

Expertly designed, tested, rolled out, and analysed to provide actionable insights

Email Comms Plan

Strategically crafted communication plan and copy for effective engagement

Leadership Results Workshop

Analysis and initial findings presented to leadership for informed decision-making

All-Company Live Presentation

Overview, initial actions, and Q&A session for transparent communication

What our clients say

Running a fast-paced startup is challenging, and A Better Work eased the burden by providing clear, actionable insights from the Employee Engagement Study.


The partnership went beyond surveys; it was a transformative experience that positively impacted our company culture and overall success.

Start up tech client, with EU headquarters in Dublin


Ready to transform your workplace?

Contact us to start improving employee engagement today

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