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Your path to hybrid work success is here...

Hybrid but Better:
A Practical Guide to Managing and Leading in a Hybrid Workplace

Find the opportunities and paths for you to create the most successful hybrid model for your workplace's needs.

Hybrid but Better helps you:

Gain insights on how to plan, execute and maximise hybrid and flexible work

Improve employee experience in hybrid

Build a strong organisational culture that supports exceptional work, whether employees are in the office or working remotely

Who is this Guide For?

  • Business leaders looking to improve the hybrid experience for employees and the business 

  • People managers struggling to manage and engage in a hybrid environment 

  • Any employee seeking to actively improve their own and their colleague's experience in hybrid working 

  • You’re already hybriding but it needs to be tweaked



Get both digital and printed version for an additional €10 discount

Why Hybrid but Better?

  • Motivate and engage your team no matter where they are working

  • Create connections and build networks outside the confines of the office walls

  • Inspire your thinking to maximise the hybrid experience

  • We recognise that every organisation is unique. This guide allows you to adapt strategies to suit your company's specific needs.

  • Gain insights on how to plan, execute and maximise hybrid and flexible work.

  • Improve employee experience in hybrid

  • Aide for leaders and managers to adopt hybrid ways of working

  • Culture support: managers can learn how to build a strong organisational culture that supports exceptional work, whether employees are in the office or working remotely.

  • Reducing team tension and conflict resolution

Hybrid Work Guide
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Wendy Merrigan, Director
W Merrigan & Co

This book is a practical resource for anyone working their way through and trying to improve, their hybrid working environment.


It is in-depth and will help answer questions you may not even have thought of!
I highly recommend it as a useful resource.

mairead mackle - Tarasis Enterprises.jpeg

Mairead Mackle, CEO
Tarasis Enterprises

This book is an absolute gem for business leaders navigating the challenges of today's ever-changing work environment.


What sets this book apart is its practicality. It covers all the essential aspects of managing and leading hybrid teams, providing valuable insights and strategies that can be implemented immediately, ensuring productivity and engagement are not compromised.

Avril Mccarthy - Derrycourt.jpeg

Avril McCarthy, General Manager
Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists

Transitioning into a permanent hybrid work model is a challenge for our business. This workbook provides invaluable tools that enable us to navigate new ways of working.


It helps guide through essential conversations to maintain a cohesive culture and maintain and build strong trust within our teams

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John Byrne, Head of Operations UK & Ireland, Enel X

This practical, workbook has been a key cog in helping us to navigate the landscape of Hybrid work which has so many moving parts. 


No matter how big or complicated your business may seem, it helps to break down where to start and what to prioritise to make impactful change. 


I would highly recommend it to anyone navigating the dynamic world of Hybrid work! It's been such an invaluable resource to me as a manager of a hybrid team.

Ana Antunes.png

Ana Antunes, Senior People Business Partner Europe
People & Organization, Enel X

On the Guide, I recommend it highly enough. It’s easy to read, visually very appealing and the content is so comprehensive and useful

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Michelle Wallace

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Michelle is driven to make a difference in the world of work. She is laser-focused on creating long-term sustainable business growth through thoughtful positive culture.  ​


She has over 15 years experience in global customer-focused leadership roles. Insight gathered from these roles has informed her belief that only when the external brand and the internal culture are aligned can an organisation begin to fully achieve its long term potential.

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