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Sparking Connections

Updated: May 24, 2023

Connecting progressive consultants, facilitators and coaches who want to change work for the better.

28th & 29th June, 2023 Manchester

This gathering is a chance to meet potential collaborators, learn from each other, and spend time thinking about how to progress your work and impact. It will include sessions on:

  • Shaping Proposals: learn how others package, talk about and price their work

  • Latest Thinking: engage with fresh ideas and content to push your practice

  • Behind the Scenes: enjoy a sneak peek into real projects - the highs, the lows, the lessons and the pitfalls

Leave with a new community of potential collaborators and ideas to develop your own practice.

Who this is for:

Facilitators, coaches, consultants, org designers and practitioners who are:

  • driving and supporting progressive workplaces and practices.

  • want to learn from others doing similar or aligned work

  • interested in seeking new opportunities through collaboration

  • looking to grow their own practice through value networking

  • willing to bring their own energy, knowledge and skills to co-create this experience

Why this is important:

We know work isn’t working for so many of us. We know there are better ways and we are driven to make an impact.

There are so many incredible examples of work changing for the better. So many developing skills, knowledge, and practice. By bringing these people together we can learn more and faster, serve more organisations and the humans within them and ultimately create a greater impact.

Paving the way with less traditional ways of working can be daunting work. Having a network of support, knowledge and skills at your fingertips can help you feel better supported, wider range of skills to serve your clients and potentially grow your own practice and business.

What to expect:

10 - 20 practitioners who are invested in their own learning and development and contributing to the elevation of the whole group.

28th June - day 1 at 12 noon to allow for morning travel.

Highly interactive and social workshops, and sessions throughout the day

Break at 5.30pm

Dinner at 7pm for those who opt in 29th June - day 2 - start at 9am

Interactive sessions to ending with lunch at 1pm


Manchester - the exact venue will be confirmed based on final numbers (expect to confirm by May 31st). We will be looking for a lovely venue that is central.

Getting the most from the experience:

To ensure we get the most out of the day, we will host introductory Zoom calls in advance to get to know each other a little bit before meeting in person.

Who’s behind this:

Michelle Wallace, founder of A Better Work. Michelle is driven to make a difference in the world of work. She is laser-focused on creating long-term sustainable business growth through thoughtful positive culture.

Charlie Harrison, founder of Cosh & Co, is passionate about making teams have more impact through their work. With 12 years experience coaching and developing leaders and their teams, her approach balances creativity, challenge and fun - drawing from her experience across facilitation, design and innovation.


The only cost is to cover the cost of the venue and the associated costs of creating a great experience for everyone.

There are no administrative charges or profit.

Cost: €150

SMALL PRINT: To go ahead with bookings and ensure this is safe for everyone to commit and try, if we don't have 10 people signed up and committed by 5pm Friday 26th May, we will refund all booked tickets.

Sign up: (click on practitioners summit)


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