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retrospective meetings template

In our post about the value of team feedback, we discussed how retrospectives are a great tool for teams to:

  • Create their own feedback loop and practice continuous improvement

  • Identify areas for improvement and build on their strengths to achieve greater success

You can now download the "Retrospective Meeting" template and use it with your team.

To access the template:

  1. Click on or copy the URL shared when you submit the form below

  2. Once you open the template on Miro, click on the board title “Retrospective 3LQR for weekly tweak” and click on “Duplicate” button. This will allow you to edit the board

retrospective meetings Miro free template

This online format on Miro is perfect for digital-first meetings, but the same principle and format can be used in person with large sticky notes, some Sharpie pens, and some wall space divided up with headings for each of the areas.


I hope we can help make your work better!

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