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Strengths-Based Team Development Programme

Build a High-Performance Team with our Strengths-Based Teams Development Programme

Are you a team manager looking to elevate your team's performance and create a more engaged work environment?

Our Strengths-Based Teams Development Programme provides the tools and strategies to unlock your team's true potential.

This programme goes beyond traditional team building. By focusing on individual strengths, we help your team members

Discover and appreciate their unique talents

Learn how to leverage their strengths and those of their colleagues

Develop a deeper understanding of each other's communication styles

Work together more effectively and collaboratively


Unlock the Power of Strengths-Based Teams

Research by Gallup shows that teams that focus on strengths experience significant benefits:

21% greater profitability

17% higher productivity

37% less absenteeism

59% less employee turnover

65% higher employee satisfaction

We see that over time as employees see the meaning and results of the input, response rates increase and the level of engament increases.

Our programme delivers:

Pre-workshop individual CliftonStrengths assessments

Each team member gains insights into their strengths through a personalised report.

One-to-one strengths coaching

Create an individualised understanding of our own unique strengths and blind spots.

Engaging, facilitator-led sessions

Our certified strengths coaches guide your team through interactive exercises and discussions that will create groundbreaking revelations within your teams. The practice of self-reflection, communication and understanding of others will help to boost collaboration, and empathy and break down tensions.

Action focused

Actionable strategies for building a strengths-based culture. You'll learn practical techniques to leverage strengths in everyday work.

Manager coaching

We equip you with the skills to build a strengths-focused team environment, delegate tasks strategically, and provide strengths-based feedback. We can help you create meetings with meaning and ways of working that will best engage and leverage the brainpower and creativity of your team.

What our Strengths-based Teams Development Workshop can do for you

Imagine a team where:

  • Everyone feels valued for their unique contributions.

  • Strengths are celebrated and utilised to their fullest potential.

  • Communication is clear and collaborative.

  • Team members are motivated and engaged.


Our Strengths-Based Teams Development Programme makes this a reality.


High-performing teams rarely happen by accident.

We can help you create a strengths-focused environment, improved team relationships and better collaboration. 

Are you looking for a taster team development session?
Try our Supercharge Team Development Workshop
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